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Rating: 4.5
Description / How to play?

Epic Battle Fantasy presents you one of the latests games. After the game has loaded, click "Play" button. Then use "Space" or "Enter" key. You can skip intro screen with "Space" button.

The goal of the game is defeating your enemies, be victorious and escaping yourself. Guide your hero with "Right - Left" arrow keys. Also use "A" key to jump, "S" key to use sword and "D" key for using your special abilities. When you are using your special techniques, select one and press "D" key again. To open the crates use "Up Arrow" key and pick the extras inside it.

You must use "Up Arrow" key to teleport yourself from portals (the irradiation zones). And also use "Down Arrow" key and "A" key together to drop down from your existing place to down side. You can use "P" or "Esc" key to pause the game, enter into the game control section and turn back to main menu.

With the money you have earned, you can easily buy extra powers from the store with "Shop" button between chapter breaks. If we need to touch on some special tricks about this game in Twoplayergames.org:

Be careful on green aliens hiding on the trees and firing trees in the ground. Additionally, if you fire consistently by jumping near red-white target boards, this will provide you to shoot higher. New swords and clothes can be found in crates. You must click "Equips" button between game breaks to use these materials that you found in the boxes.

We hope you have fun. Let the adventure begins.

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