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Rating: 4.52
Description / How to play?

Say hello to Angry Birds in Twoplayergames.org game portal which are Rio Film's lovely characters and loved by everybody. Remember that the film has a subject about efforts of the birds to take their freedom from bad guys. Now, you can join this adventure and help our lovely birds to escape them.

Game is played with only "Mouse". Draw back the bird based in slingshot, adjust shooting angle and fire! If you cannot rescue all of the birds, you must replay current game. When you completed each chapter, you will pass to next levels and will add points to your points. Additionally, you can unlock the locked chapters with these points.

As an extra hint: when you unchain all of the birds, if there are any birds left that haven't flied, you will take 10.000 points for each one. Furthermore, you will earn 5.000 points for each rescued cage.

You will see some buttons on left top to Pause and Restart the game. When you click on Pause button, you can on/off the game sounds and login help center with the buttons appeared.

Let's enjoy with Angry Birds in Rio adventure!

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