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Description / How to play?

Do you want to participate in fighting with full of action while measuring your ability with your friend? So, go ahead. Your object is, attacking your opponent by pressing the letters on keyboard on the right time which was told you then beat your opponent! Catch the rhythm of fight!
To start the Beat Battle firstly press the "PLAY" button and choose the number of players. Then choose your character and the stage you want to play. The key combination is like this:
First Player:
Attack with "Z,X,C"
Second Player:
Attack with "I,O,P"
You can learn the letters you need to press during the game with the guides on the screen. These guides will be change according to moving types. If you want to attack, you need to look attack guides but if you want to defense, you need to look the protection guides. Pressing more or less letters will be the reason of cancel the movement. Moreover, pressing on time is important. When you press on time your attacks will be better. Let's see who will beat his opponent? Good Luck.

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