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Rating: 4.41
Description / How to play?

Bow chief is here again with newest adventures. After game has been loaded wait for a while during the ads and click "START" button appeared on the screen to reach game menu. You can struggle with 3 different game modes. First selection "Campaign" provides you an exciting adventure to rescue princess from bad knights, second selection "Sharpshooting" provides you a training shootings in different platforms and the last selection "Player vs Player" provides a struggle between you and your friend. After you assign game mode, archers will start shootings. Game is played with your "Mouse". Adjust arrow's direction and strength to realize well directed shootings. Continue until zeroing your opponent's health. You'll encounter with small funny surprises during the game. Sometimes, your arrows may hit the birds flying on the sky. Use your intelligence well and realize best shootings. Twoplayergames.org hopes you have fun.

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