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Rating: 4.36
Description / How to play?

A dart game for dart fans. Let's start with your keyboard! Now play dart which is used for the archers training for the first time, on your computer. You can play Dartmaster 9in1 with your friends or alone which has 9 different kinds of dart on twoplayergames.org !
When the game loads, click "START" button, choose the kind of game, number of players and difficulty level and start the game. As you know, your object in the game is getting higher points by throwing darts trough different colorful areas. Throw your darts by using your "MOUSE". You need to get hit by placing your cursor on the right side and writing "MOVE IN THIS AREA AND RELEASE TO THROW" on the black area. On the right time, click left and throw the arrow.
You can pause the game with "PAUSE" button, turn back to the main menu with "MENU" button. Let's see, how much better your ability to hit? Good Luck...

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