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Rating: 4.51
Description / How to play?

If you are tired of games full of action and need to relax this game on twoplayergames.org is for you. If you are ready a dolphin show with the hoops, balls, bars click "START" button and start the game.
Your object on the game is too easy, as we say above, show with your dolphin and enjoy people. You can perform "STANDART SHOW". After a time there will be big shows with the name "SHOW TIME". When time is OK, you can join them, and perform your real show.
The game controls: You can move your dolphin with "W, A, S, D" or "ARROW" keys. For jumping higher, dig deeper into the pool and give the up direction to your dolphin quickly. There are some instructions at the middle of the pool with the name of "TARGET". Follow them and make the right jumping. The balls are for kicking, bars for jumping near them, people are for jumping.
You can improve your dolphin on different abilities with the money you earn. When you eat the fishes in the pool, you will earn points. Follow the remaining time during the game. You can pause the game with quit button and turning back to the main menu. Good Luck!

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