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Rating: 4.53
Description / How to play?

Go Kart racings are blazing out right now. Be ready to enjoy driving with newest cars and characters in unusual tracks. Game file is a bit large, so you may wait for a while during the game is loading. When you see the menu, assign player number and choose game mode. There 3 different game modes. You can create a tournament game with "Grand Prix" selection, or you can create a single race with 8 racers with "Single Player" selection or you can race 1 on 1 with "Versus Mode" selection. After you assign game type choose your characters and select chapter that you want to race. Click "Ok" button and begin rivalry. You can start when you see the green light. Player one uses "Arrow Keys" and player 2 uses "W,A,S,D" keys to race. It's time to show your experience on Go Kart. We hope you happy days.

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