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Rating: 4.51
Description / How to play?

Football lovers, it is time to come on your keyboards! The game Street Soccer, which you spent all your coins and had a bad arm ache to play it on Arcade Halls, is at twoplayergames.org now. There is no corner kick, no touch and no offside. Because it is the Street Soccer! Your purpose on the game is, beat all your opponents and be a World Champion…
When the game seems on the screen, click the "PLAY" button and then choose your team. The key combinations are like this:
Move with: "W-A-S-D"
Shot with: "X"
Pass with: "C"
Giving Approval for Something: "ENTER"
Let's Give Some Tricks About the game: Do your best to block your opponents. When you got the ball, go full speed. When everything is O.K, shot your kick. It is not a necessity that shot a kick through the goal directly. You can shot a kick through the walls. Sometimes when you score a goal, you gain time. Spend this time logically. If you press "ENTER" key when you lose against an opponent while time is counting back, you will play with this opponents again. It means, throwing a new coin on the machine at Arcade Hall.

Don't forget, the only rule of this game is score goals! Let's see if you would be the World Champion. Good Luck!

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