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Rating: 4.6
Description / How to play?

Angry Birds continues on to confront with you with different versions. Our heroes are in danger as always. So go ahead, join the adventure with these crazy birds!
You can play this game with only the "MOUSE". You should go above the birds on the slingshot with your mouse and click left continuously by pulling it back. So you can set the speed and route of the birds you throw. And you can beat the enemies.
After you throw the Angry Birds, you will earn 5000 points for a pig you shot and when you complete the game if you have some unused birds, you will earn 10000 points from one of them. You can see the points you got from the right top corner of the screen. If you want to replay the stage or pause it use the buttons on the left corner of the screen. Come on, join the fun tunnel on the twoplayergames.org!

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