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Rating: 4.42
Description / How to play?

Welcome to fight of archer heroes who are struggling for victory in the depths of history. Game can be played in 3 different modes. "Story Mode" is an adventure mode for only one player. In this mode, you are only hero and trying to be the best knight in kingdom. You will have to fight against to alone archers or palace guards from time to time. Complete 20 chapters one by one to rescue Princess and realize your dream.

"Player vs Player" game mode provides you one on one arrow shoot struggle against to your friend. Choose a hero from 10 different archers and select the map. Who shoots better, he wins the match.

"Player vs Computer" game mode will let you to fight against to computer when you are alone. Computer will act as your friend and you'll struggle with it. Objective is same, you must realize better shootings than the computer's archer.

Game is played with "Up-Down" arrow keys and "Space" key. You can also use "Game Setting" chapter to assign other adjustments.

Come on archers! It's time to shoot on the targets! Have fun.

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