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Rating: 4.55
Description / How to play?

The battle of Ghosts and Zombies is starting. If you cannot think well in this hard struggle, you lose. Our players who say "I trust my intelligence!", here's the game for you that you can play against to computer or with your friend together.

The objective of the game is defeating your opponent's spaces with your men who have different powers. If you want to play progressive game, select "PLAY CAMPAIGN" button. And if you want to play against to computer or with your friend together, select "SKIRMISH" button. Game is played with only "Mouse". Click on any of your men and drag him to your own space colored with your own profile. You can realize your movement as horizontally or diagonally. You cannot go directly free spaces or to your opponent's areas. You must capture these places from your own places to there.

Here're some hints about the game: Men who have high power, cannot stay in only one area. They must move in a few different areas at the same time. First, open your way with your weak men and use your strong men to capture the arena. So, you can damage more to your opponent's tombs. It's possible to give your turn to your opponent with "SKIP TURN" button.

The buttons based on right bottom are used to on/off game sound and music, and turn back to main menu with "MENU" button.

We hope you have fun.

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