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Rating: 4.66
Description / How to play?

You will feel adrenalin in your vein in "Awesome Tanks" game that's produced specially for battle games and action funs. Objective of the game is defeating your enemies with your tank and developing it with several upgrades by earning money.

Continue with "PLAY" button. Then, if you select "Enable" options, you will play this game with sound. And if you select "Disable" options, you will adjust the game in mute mode. Adjust these options and choose a chapter to begin.

You can move your tank with "W,A,S,D" keys or "Arrow Keys". While you're driving your tank, you must pry about around and fire when you show an enemy. If you have purchased new weapons to your tank, you can select and use these weapons with "1,2,3,4,5" or "Space" keys.

Sometimes, money will be dropped down from walls, boxes and other tanks. You can strengthen your tank and buy new weapons by picking these funds up. Be careful on some weapons which have limited bullets. Don't forget to buy these extras. You can easily follow how many bullets left from bullet indicator during the game and game breaks. Even better, your money won't be deleted even if you cannot finish the game in Twoplayergames.org portal. And this feature will help you to save money.

You can benefit from the buttons below the screen to turn on/off the sound, pause the game and turn back to main menu quickly.

Have a nice battle.

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