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Rating: 4.2
Description / How to play?

Welcome to another funny and intelligence developer game. Click "Play" ring to enter the game. Game can be played up to 4 players. Adjust player number in this section and then continue with "Next" button. From following screen, select ring size where the balls will place in. You can also assign shapes which will be created by the balls and shape numbers from the figures below. Finally, you will adjust the number of repeat of this selected featured game, from the number below "Games" text and begin the game. Game is played with only "Mouse". Press your "Mouse" and don't release it to adjust shooting speed and angle, forward-backward movement for speed and left-right movement for angle. Objective of this game of Twoplayergames.org portal is pushing the red balls out of the ring as keeping yourself inside the ring. In a multiplayer struggle with your friend, who pushes more red balls out of the ring, he wins the match. Additionally, you can develope your precision from "Training" chapter. Point system also works here and you can make developments with your game friend together. We hope you have fun.

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