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Rating: 4.47
Description / How to play?

Famous brain game coming from deep of the history and has been played for centuries, Mancala is meeting with you in our website. Select "Two Players" section to play this game with your friend together. Each player has own snail group in his line. Groups are based on top and bottom of the table. First player chooses one of the holes in his own side and goes by leaving snails one by one to next holes to counter-clockwise. If the number of snails in the box reaches 2 or 4 with the latest snail, all snails will be included into the each player's control without caring on hole's side. Each player plays once in turn. If a player doesn't have any snails in the holes based on his own side, player dismisses the turn for once. The game will be end when all holes are empty. Who collects more snails, he wins the game. All controls are provided with your "Mouse" quickly. We wish you have fun.

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