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Rating: 4.51
Description / How to play?

An unusual drift game is presented for our racer visitors. Use "Start" button to proceed to main menu. Select one from two maps with your "Mouse" to continue. You will assign your car and game difficulty level from following chapters. If you select green jeep, game will be easy; if you select red sedan car, game will be medium; if you select WV minibus, game will be hard; and if you select formula car, game will be the hardest difficulty level and all configurations will be set as the hardest. Click "Go" button to start the game. We will control our car in Twoplayergames.org with assistance of the magnets. Be care on picking up stars in the platform when you are placing the magnets. We are trying to reach our car to checkered flag without hitting any obstacles. Game will be getting harder, when you pass each chapter. Enjoy with our special magnetic vehicle.

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