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Rating: 4.57
Description / How to play?

Are you ready for a field game with full of action? Oh, be careful to dominate the steering Wheel! Because this game doesn't accept the mistakes! Your object in the game is winning all the races. Giant Wheels are racing. The game has both action and adventure elements inside it.
Continue with in order of "CONTINUE" and "PLAY GAME" buttons and then choose your racetrack and car. If you feel O.K. start by pressing "RACE" button. You can move your car with "Arrow Keys" or "W-A-S-D" Keys. Press the "Space Bar" to use Nitro, "C" or "N" to use Parking Brakes. Don't forget you can't use your Turbo every time. Because it will be charged in periods of time. You can follow up it with BOOST, the indicator at the left bottom corner.
If you win the races with the same time collecting the money on the racetrack, you can accumulate your money and so you will be able to buy new cars. I should also add that: If possible try to not to crash into the walls and the other things. You can lose too much time with these crashes.
The other good side of the game is that: If you can't go through the right way after a time the game places you on the right way automatically. But you shouldn't forget that this is a loss of time.
During the game with the buttons on the right corner at the top, you can pause the game, make on and off the sound and music, replay the game and if you like, you can go to the main menu. Good Luck...

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